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Optirest Mattress was founded in 1986 by California furniture retail visionary Spencer Simcik with only one goal in mind- to manufacture a better quality mattress than the national brands at a better price.
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A Veteran in the Mattress Industry

As a veteran of the mattress industry, Spencer knew that the inflated prices charged by the big “S” brands were due to immense national marketing costs as opposed to actual raw material costs. 

So using his manufacturing contacts, Spencer began creating a mattress line which would rival the national brands in quality, yet crush them in price. 

After a year of rigorous product development under the highest factory standards, the Optirest brand was completed and immediately embraced by Southern California mattress retailers as an invaluable asset to their mid-range quality floor space.

Quality Products

As the years progressed, the U.S. mattress industry saw somewhat of a deregulation of manufacturers, as any patents they used to hold began to expire.

Superior components such as the “Marshall Unit,” or individually pocketed coil system which was exclusive to Simmons Beautyrest, became public domain and were now available to all manufacturers in the same configuration as when they were patented. 

This was a tremendous opportunity for Spencer, as now the Optirest brand could compete directly on all levels of quality, instead of just low and mid-range. 

With drastically higher overhead, the large national brand's prices would continue to be much higher for the exact same constructed products and Optirest would be in a retail category all by itself.

Because of this paradigm shift and the past success of the Optirest line, Spencer began receiving inquiries from friends and family about opening exclusive Optirest Mattress stores, and within two years, there were more than twenty full line Optirest Mattress stores across Southern California.

But even with the Optirest brand expanding in so many different directions, Spencer stayed true to his roots and refused to participate in large, expensive marketing campaigns in order to keep prices low. 

The dilemma was that if the company didn’t produce television commercials, how was it going to educate consumers about the origin and value of this revolutionary line?

The answer is in the training of retail staff to be consultants rather than using high-pressure sales techniques. Whereas traditional retail mattress employees are associated with used car salesmen, Optirest Mattress employees are highly trained in order to ask relevant questions and educate consumers while giving them a knowledge base and function of all varieties of mattress construction so that they might make a more informed decision, as opposed to what the particular employee thinks would be best. 

In 2010, Optirest made its highly anticipated expansion into Texas, and with production being done by one of the largest and most respected manufacturers in Houston, Optirest Mattress stores have opened in San Antonio and Kerrville with great success- despite the best efforts of their large competitors.

In keeping with the goal of our founder, and especially with these trying economic times, we at Optirest Mattress will continue our commitment to keep overhead low and offer tremendous value to our customers beyond what the big national brands are able to do. 

All we ask is that you make us one of your stops when looking for a new mattress and you be the judge!. Visit us at 5563 De Zavala Rd., Ste. 150
San Antonio, TX 78249 to check out our collection. We honor manufacturers warranties.
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